The purchase of a Fly System from Antelope Creek will entitle you to a service agreement for repairs or replacement of any part of your equipment not working properly due to normal wear for two full years.


Antelope Creek Fly Systems are designed to provide you with safe and effective service. Using only chemicals with confirmed results in performance and safety. This will insure Quality fly control.


Providing maintenance with your comfort in mind, means that you are put on a schedule and serviced with out any need to worry.

Where can our Service be used

- Barns, Kennels
- Swimming pools
- Outdoor eating areas
- Tennis courts
- Golf course
- Driving ranges
- Garbage dumps
- Anywhere insect control is needed

Cool Misting System Photos

Fly & Mosquito Control

This is an automatic system that puts you, in control of your own yard. Our experience has prepared us for all kinds of yards. Small nozzles placed around the home and yard, gives safe and effective Cool misting or insect control, while providing an installation that blends well in any décor. Our Systems come installed with a guarantee that covers almost everything! Clocks, Timers, Pumps, Motors and installation for two full years. If there’s a problem under normal wear, it’s covered.

How our service works: Service to our customers is the first priority of Antelope Creek. We add each customer to our schedule, to accommodate their individual needs. We have customers that need service only once per year and others that need service every week. Whatever your needs, we will apply all of our resources to your satisfaction. Part of our customer service includes routinely checking filters, strainers and nozzles, helping to keep your down time to a minimum.

We are dedicated to service, giving each customer all the consideration and respect, which you expect from a service company.

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